WPDiamonds-logo-1Its a new year and we have once again reviewed our diamond buyer rankings based on a variety of factors. We took into account what many of our readers and diamonds sellers had to say, along with adding in our own thoughts and opinions of each buyer. As selling diamond jewelry online has become more popular over the past year, we have had the opportunity to speak to more customers than in the past and compile more data on things like payout and turnaround time. We also asked customers what they expected from the diamond buyer to see if their expectations were met or exceeded. Many customers were pleasantly surprised with the services of the online diamond buyers, but after carefully reviewing the comments of our past customers, we have determined that the best online diamond buyer is once again, WP Diamonds.

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Below are some reasons why we rank WP Diamonds as the best online diamond buyer, along with a few of the comments that WP Diamonds’ customers had to say after their experience.


The amount of money that a customer receives for their diamonds and jewelry was determined to be the most important factor to our customers when giving their review. WP Diamonds’ offers were closer than other buyers, to what many of our customers were expecting to receive. While this does not necessarily mean WP Diamonds will pay you the most for your diamonds, we also have noticed a consistently higher payout from WP Diamonds over the years and this is a great contribution to them having our #1 ranking.

“I was expecting more money than what the pawnshop offered, but did not expect that much. I will definitely use WP Diamonds again!”

– Ally C.

Ease Of Use

What many customers looked for besides a high payout, was a service that was simple to use. Many of our customers also reported that they were selling diamonds online for the first time, so a simple to follow process was definitely intriguing to many. One customer reported using WP Diamonds after requesting a kit from another online buyer that was described as “difficult and poor packaging materials.” WP Diamonds gives you the option to either have everything you need sent to your home at no charge, or print a shipping label for free to get the process started a little quicker. Once you send your diamonds off, just sit back and wait for their offer which should come in only a few short days.

“I really did not expect it to be so simple”

– Maya W.

Customer Service

As we stated earlier, many of our reviewers were first-time online diamond sellers and this may be one reason why so many people ranked “Customer Service” as the top thing that they were looking for from an online diamond buyer. With online chat available, along with other traditional methods of communication. those who used WP Diamonds seemed to be satisfied with getting answers to any questions that they may have had before or during the process. We also have always found WP Diamonds to be very accommodating and easy to reach when need be.

“There business accreditations and a quick telephone call erased any doubts I had about using WP Diamonds.”

– Nick B.

These are some of the reasons why we think WP Diamonds is the best online diamond buyer. Past customers had nothing but positive experiences as any issues were quickly handled by WP Diamonds’ high quality service. If you are looking to sell diamond or jewelry this year, WP Diamond is your best option.