Best Diamond Buyer ReviewsOur website has all of the information you need to sell diamonds online and to earn more cash for diamonds. Not only do we have great information on jewelry, diamonds, and more, our diamond buyer reviews also provide you with great insight on the top diamond buyers in the industry. Despite the information that we provide, it will be somewhat up to you to research and determine the diamond buyer that will work best for your situation. Below are the two diamond buyers that we feature on our website along with some of the things to look for when researching a diamond buyer.

#1 WP Diamonds #2 Diamond Buyers International
White Pine Diamonds Review Diamond Buyers Internation Review

Diamond Buyer Payouts

Obviously, when selling something you will want to get as much for whatever it is that you are selling. Diamonds and jewelry is no different, so you should look to see the average payouts from the different diamond buyers before selecting one. While this may not tell you much about how much money you will make, the diamond buyers are competing against each other and if one can afford to payout a higher percentage of the value of the jewelry, then you may earn more money from that diamond buyer.

Selling Loose Diamonds

Diamond buyers purchase a variety of gems and precious metals. You will be compensated for any gold, silver, or other precious metal that you send in with your jewelry. One thing to watch for is selling loose diamonds. While the two buyers listed above buy loose diamonds, some diamond buyers will not purchase all items so this is another thing to look into before choosing a diamond buyer.

Other Features

As I said above, the online diamond buyers are competing against each other. This causes them to have to stand out amongst one another, which usually means adding new features to their service to stand out. These features could include, different methods of payment, return policies and expedited shipping to get the cash in your hand even quicker. Also, the insurance value that a diamond buyer offers should not be exceeded by the value of your diamonds. Some of these features you may be interested in, so research the different diamond buyers to see what they offer.

Selling diamonds online is easy with the process that our diamond buyers use. Not only is it convenient for yourself, but you will also earn more money from selling diamonds online so that should be enough to convince you that this is your best option.