Can I Sell My Diamond Online?Many people, and perhaps even yourself, have found themselves asking “Can I sell my diamonds online?” for a variety of reasons. One, may be that the local pawnshop’s offer did not come close to what you were expecting. Another, could be that no one near you is interested in purchasing loose diamonds or diamond jewelry. Selling items online has become more popular over the past few years and this goes for diamond jewelry as well, as more people see the benefits that online diamond buyers can provide. So to answer your question, yes, and not only can you sell your diamond online, but the experience has been proven to be better than the traditional options.

Why You Should Sell Your Diamond Jewelry Online

The simple answer to why you should sell your diamonds online is because you will earn more money. Selling to pawnshops or individuals do not yield the best profits because of the inability to confirm both the authenticity of the diamond as well as the features that determine its value. Luckily, online diamond buyers employ diamond graders who have years of training and are armed with the best tools. By focusing solely on diamonds, online buyers can invest more resources into diamonds than local pawnshops who buy a variety of items. When you include the ability to reach customers from all over the world, the online diamond buyers are able to conduct enough transactions where they can remain profitable while still offering customers more money than their competition. If earning more money is enough to convince you to try an online diamond buyer, here are a couple that we recommend:

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White Pine Diamonds Review Diamond Buyers Internation Review

How Does Selling Diamond Online Work?

Now that you have seen how online diamond buyers are able to offer more money, you are likely wondering about how the process works and could be understandably wary about shipping your expensive diamonds. The good news is that online diamond buyers insure their packages so your mind can be at ease during shipping. The process is similar among all buyers and it generally starts with requesting one of these shipping packages through the mail or printing a shipping label at your home. Package your contents and send them to the buyer and they will do the rest. You should here back with an offer in just a few short days and can then choose one of the buyers’ methods of payment. If you want your diamond back, just request that it be returned as there is not fee to decline the offer. While the process does take a few days from shipping, it is still extremely convenient and simple.

Online diamond buyers are becoming more popular as word spreads from customers who received a higher than expected payout. With many people searching for as much money as possible when selling their diamonds, online buyers are generally the best option for many. It can be difficult to find someone to purchase an expensive diamond or piece of jewelry, but these businesses are always available to offer their services, making it very easy to sell diamond online.