Diamond Buyer ReviewsSelling diamonds online is a very convenient process that will earn you more money when trying to sell diamond jewelry elsewhere. Despite all diamond buyers following a relatively similar process, each diamond buyer still has unique features that will make them stand out among the other diamond buyers in the industry. Since these diamond buyers know that they are all able to offer more many than pawnshops and other local options, they add different features to their service to make themselves stand out better.

#1 White Pine Diamonds #2 Diamond Buyers International
White Pine Diamonds Review Diamond Buyers Internation Review

As it was mentioned above, the diamond buyers follow a similar process but are still unique enough that one diamond buyer may fit what you are looking for better. When taking a look at our diamond buyer reviews, here are some things to keep an eye out for.

Diamond Buyer Payouts

We all want to earn the most money when selling something, so if you can find the average payout of the different diamond buyers, then you will have an idea of who is offering the most money at that time.

Transaction Times

Just like getting the most money, we also want to get that money quickly. Call the different diamond buyers and you will be able to get a feel for how busy they are and how long it takes them to complete an entire transaction.

Return Policies

This is one of the great advantages over pawnshops. If you have decided that you did not want to sell that piece of diamond jewelry, many online diamond buyers will allow you to recollect your items if you do so within a certain time. See how long each diamond buyer offers if you think that you might change your mind down the road.

Diamond Buyer Payment Methods

One thing that can speed up the transaction time is a variety of payment methods. Using services such as Paypal and bank wire transfers, you will be able to get your money very quickly after accepting the valuation.