Diamond Buyer Reviews

Here at sellmydiamondjewelry.com, our team has reviewed the top diamond buyers in the industry to help you earn the most money for your diamonds. Our diamond buyer reviews are based on a variety of criteria that we have determined to be the most important when selecting a diamond buyer. Below, you can read about how we grade each review that we give, along with why each factor is important to the overall diamond selling experience. If you need help selling your diamonds online, then you have come to the right place. Read our reviews, find a diamond buyer and start earning cash for diamonds today.


How We Ranked Them

Below are some of the criteria that we thought were necessary when ranking each diamond buyer. These are not all of the categories that we used to determine our rankings, we also based them off of our own experiences when going through the process of selling jewelry and diamonds to each buyer.


Selecting a diamond buyer with a strong reputation within the industry is a must. There are multiple ways to find out about a diamond buyer’s reputation. Customer reviews on our site as well as other review sites give an unbiased viewpoint of how an organization handles their business. Customers will be in a similar position to yourself as a diamond seller and this will give you a similar perspective on how you will be treated. The BBB is another good resource to use when looking at a business’ reputation. The BBB allows you to see claims filed against each organization and how those situations were handled. To ensure that the online diamond selling process goes as smooth as possible, be sure to gain information on the diamond buyer’s reputation.


Insurance is often an overlooked factor when selling diamonds online. Diamonds and jewelry are valuable items that would be devastating to have lost or broken during the shipping process. When you ship your diamonds to the buyer, neither you nor the buyer has control over what happens during shipment. This is why it is extremely important to have an insurance amount that will cover the value of your items. We recommend that you do not sell your diamonds to an organization if your diamonds exceed their insurance amount.

Instant Quote

Trying to value a diamond from a description that was likely created by a person with little background of diamond knowledge can be extremely difficult for diamond buyers. Despite this, we found it important during the review process that a diamond buyer had an option to receive a quick valuation of their diamond. We also took into account how close the valuation was to the actual price we were offered at the end of the process. Again, do not look into the initial valuation too much. Diamond buyers offer this feature to give a rough estimate on diamonds and may try to entice you with a high initial valuation.


Whether or not an organization offers a guarantee of some kind was not a heavily weighted factor during the review process. Guarantees can give sellers a peace of mind when selling diamonds online, but if you have done your research, you should have no problem finding a fair diamond buyer that will offer outstanding service. Mostly all of the diamond buyers allow sellers to accept or deny a final valuation and will ship your diamonds back at no charge if you are unhappy with the final price.