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Diamond Lighthouse Review

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About Diamond Lighthouse

VISIT SITELocated in New York City, Diamond Lighthouse is operated by the owners of Diamond Dynamics. After seeing great success in all areas of the diamond industry with Diamond Dynamics, they have decided to use the experience gained to create a service that allows the private jewelry owners access to the diamond dealer market.

Access More Buyers

One unique feature of Diamond Lighthouse is that they actually help you find buyers for your diamond and jewelry, rather than purchasing it themselves. This allows the customer to be in control of the entire process, while having access to diamond buyers that the general public would not usually be able to get their diamonds in front of. By you being able to sell your diamond jewelry to a buyer who is looking for what you have, as opposed to someone reselling it, you will likely earn a much greater deal of money. Selling diamonds as an individual can be a difficult process, but with the help of Diamond Lighthouse, you will have access to a large amount of diamond buyers who are looking to purchase new pieces of jewelry. Also, Diamond Lighthouse will still be interested in purchasing your diamonds if you feel that is the option you want to take.

Their Process

Diamond Lighthouse Review

Because Diamond Lighthouse actually finds a buyer for your diamonds, the end of the process is slightly different than the other diamond buyers. You will start by completing a form on their website that asks for some basic information on your diamonds or jewelry. From there, they will mail an insured FedEx package to your address in one business day. Local customers can go to their Manhattan location for an in-person evaluation. After they have received the package, they will record a video of them opening it, to ensure that it was not damaged during shipping. Once it has been looked at initially, it will then go through their grading process to determine a value.


Here is their diamond ring evaluation process:

Diamond Evaluation

Our Diamond Lighthouse Review

Diamond Lighthouse offers a great service that has many unique benefits. One feature that we had not seen before was the recording of the opening of the package, along with the 3D images taken of the diamond. I’m sure both diamond buyers and sellers have had disputes due to a package arriving in poor condition, and the jewelry being ruined. Often times the fault is in the shipping company, and by recording opening the package and having a tamper proof seal, Diamond Lighthouse assures you that they are offering a transparent process.

Obviously another great benefit of using Diamond Lighthouse is having the access to reach out to more buyers. Having more people looking at your diamonds or jewelry will likely lead to earning more money, so we find this service to be a great opportunity for many. While this will likely lead to taking a longer time to sell your diamonds, we also like the fact that Diamond Lighthouse still offers the opportunity to sell your diamonds directly to them.




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