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WP Diamonds Review

Despite WP Diamonds starting their business later than some of the other diamond buyers, they have done an excellent job of establishing themselves as a leader in this industry. They have no complaints with the BBB and maintain an A+ rating. One great thing about WP Diamonds is that they cater to Europeans as well as other countries all over the world, with offices in Tokyo and Barcelona. Although WP Diamonds’ process may require more information from the seller about their diamonds, it is for good reason. While selling our diamonds to WP Diamonds, we couldn’t have been more pleased with the service and the thoroughness of their process to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. We have rated WP Diamonds as the top diamond buyer on our website and will highly recommend them to anyone selling diamonds online.

Below you can find the rest of our WP Diamonds review as well as more information and what to expect when using their services.

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Requesting a Package

WPprocess While many of the online diamond buyers share a similar process, WP Diamonds’ is a little different. Unlike the other diamond jewelry buyers, you will not receive a prepaid package until they have the information on the diamonds or jewelry that you are selling. While some may look at this as an inconvenience, we actually appreciated the steps that WP Diamonds takes to ensure a smooth diamond selling process. A large benefit of providing them with this information is that they can insure your package for an amount that will be sure cover your items. Anything can happen during shipping and this leads to peace of mind for both the buyer and seller as the shipping process is generally out of the hands of both parties. Also, contact between you and WP Diamonds will have been established before you ship your valuable items to an organization that you are unfamiliar with. An initial valuation will be given based on the information that you presented to WP Diamonds. From there, a prepaid and insured package will be sent to your address or email and a shipment will be arranged through FedEx.

Requesting a Quote

WP diamonds allows you to fill out their form online to request a valuation or also call them and speak with a representative that could provide a valuation over the phone. Again, WP Diamonds has a very thorough approach in the way that they do business. They will not offer a high initial valuation so that the seller ships their diamonds and then receives a much lower offer once the seller is no longer in possession of the jewelry.


WP Diamonds While no guarantees are offered on WP Diamond’s website, it does not worry us at all as we have experienced their quality service. WP Diamonds does offer incentives for upgrading diamonds along with other offers that may entice some. The highly trained staff that provides accurate valuations is what allows them to offer more money to their customers. Their process still allows the seller to be comfortable and in control throughout the entire transaction because they have the right to refuse any valuation and have their diamonds returned. Within three days of receiving your diamonds, you will be contacted through either email or a phone call and given a free valuation of your diamonds. From there you can choose to either accept the evaluation or have your diamonds returned at no cost. While no guarantees are promised, past customer reviews, BBB ratings and the professional approach of WP Diamonds allows us to comfortably sell our diamonds to them and others should have nothing to worry about. Visit Site


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Average rating:  
 7 reviews
by Roy on WP Diamonds
Pleased with service

Went into this with some old jewelry and expecting the worst.Came out pleasantly surprised with the service and money I received, and would recommend to others.

by Meagan on WP Diamonds
sold engagement ring

Im very happy with what WP gave me for my ring

by dmnds1 on WP Diamonds

Recommended to those looking to sell loose diamonds

by Christina1983 on WP Diamonds

I sold my engagement ring to them because they offered more than anyone else

by Alex on WP Diamonds
Best Diamond Buyer

Agree with the review. Have used a couple others and they have been the best yet

by Felicia on WP Diamonds

they were the only ones who would buy my engagement ring

by Chris J. on WP Diamonds
Would use again

Found wp diamonds through this site and was very pleased with their service and would sell again