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Diamond Buyers USA Review

ratingDiamond Buyers USA Review

About Diamond Buyers USA

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Since 1978, Diamond Buyers USA has been purchasing diamonds from their customers while rewarding them with great prices. Just like the other online diamond buyers, this business provides a similar service that allows people to sell their diamonds and jewelry online. Whether or not you are a troubling financial situation, selling diamond jewelry can be difficult and Diamond Buyers USA prides themselves on a process that is “..easy, stress-free and profitable as possible for you.”

Get a Diamond Estimate

Diamond EstimateWe always recommend getting as many appraisals as possible for your diamond and jewelry before selling. This will only give you a better understanding of the value of your diamonds. If you have information regarding your diamond, Diamond Buyers USA has a quick form that you can fill out to receive an estimate. You can see some of the information that is required on the right.

Diamond Buyers USA offers a service that is similar to the other online diamond buyers. You can begin by calling or filling out the form on their website. Then they will either send you a Sure Ship kit that contains everything you will need to ship your items fully insured and at no cost to you. For some items, Diamond Buyers USA will email you a prepaid shipping label, which you can print from your computer. After they have received the package, they record themselves opening it to protect both them and yourself in case of damage. We have seen more diamond buyers doing this and feel that it is highly beneficial and adds to the overall service quality. Just like the other buyers, they will offer you an amount, and then you can choose how you would like to be paid.

Our Diamond Buyers USA Review

There are several things that we liked about Diamond Buyers USA’s service. For one, the free diamond estimate form was one of the best we have seen. The easy-to-understand form asks customers detailed questions about their diamond, while providing options for them to select. The amount of information that they ask for, including images of your diamond, leads us to believe that you will receive a valuation as accurate as possible for them not seeing the diamond in person. We also like that they give you the option of watching the video of them opening the package. More buyers are doing this and we appreciate the extra precautions diamond buyers take to ensure that they provide a quality service. Overall Diamond Buyers USA is a good option for those selling diamonds online.

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