What is my diamond worthThe value of a diamond can change for many reasons. There are a variety of scales that diamonds are graded on based on their appearance. If you are wondering what your diamond is worth, it can be difficult to for you to find out on your own, as diamond graders require a good deal of training before becoming certified. Despite this, there are some things that can give you an idea.


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The 4 C’s of Diamonds

Our Diamond Value page goes over this more in depth, but this is the start for determining diamond value. The color, cut, clarity, and carat (size) of the diamond will all affect its price. These characteristics all contribute to the amount of shine a diamond has. A diamond grader would look at your diamond under a microscope and grade each “c” on its own scale.

Other Diamond Value

While the cut of a diamond is often misinterpreted for the less important shape of a diamond, it still can increase its value. Diamonds’ values also depend on the current style trends. Because diamonds are cut based on the initial shape of the stone, some shapes can increase in value at different times if the demand is high during a short supply. While you may be interested in selling immediately, the diamond’s value could increase from outside factors as well.

Where To Sell Loose Diamonds

Pawnshops are where many think to go when selling diamonds, but as you have seen above, it is very difficult to value a diamond and a pawnshop will not be able to do it. This leads to an incredibly low offer. Online diamond buyers are becoming the best option for selling diamonds because they specialize in this one area and employ staffs with the proper training. All of this means that they can accurately value diamonds and conduct more transactions which helps you earn more cash for diamonds.