Online Diamond AppraisalsThere are many good reasons to get your loose diamonds or diamond jewelry appraised. By having knowledge of what your diamonds are worth, you will know if you are receiving a good offer when it comes time to sell. With the market always changing, the value of your diamonds could also change, which makes it a good reason to receive an appraisal every so often. With the increase in online diamond appraisal services, it is know easier than ever to find out just how much your diamond jewelry is worth. The diamond buyers below offer great appraisal services that we would recommend.

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Diamond Appraisal Calculator

If you are familiar with the diamond grading system, and know the content of your jewelry, there are diamond appraisal calculators online. Usually you will need to know things like the size of the diamond, along with its clarity grading, in order to have the appraisal calculator give an accurate valuation. As we said above, the more appraisals you can get for your jewelry, the better. So be sure to take advantage of the diamond appraisal calculators and try out different ones to get a better understanding of the value of your diamond.

Diamond Appraisal Cost

The cost to get your diamond appraised will vary from place to place. Many of the online diamond buyers that can be found on our site will provide a free diamond appraisal if you send them your jewelry. This is usually a better option than the local pawnshops who do not have a great understanding of the diamond valuation process. There are also jewelers in your area who will provide appraisals, but this can often come at a high cost. Online diamond appraisals are becoming more popular because of the ability online diamond buyers have to provide accurate results.