Sell Engagement Rings Online

Sell Engagement Rings OnlineSelling engagement rings to our diamond buyers is easier than you may imagine. Whether you are going through a divorce or in need of money, these diamond buyers will also provide you with the most cash for diamonds along with a convenient process. Unlike pawnshops, online diamond buyers have the resources to accurately grade diamonds and precious metals. This allows them to compensate their customers for the content that they send in, rather than what they can negotiate it for. Online diamond buyers are definitely the best option when it comes time to sell engagement rings online. Below are some of the things to be aware and how you can maximize your profits when selling an engagement ring.


Engagement Ring Cuts

I am sure that you are aware that engagement rings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. While a diamond’s cut does not necessarily have an affect of its price, different style trends can often lead to different cuts being more valuable at different times. Diamond buyers will grade the diamond from your engagement ring on a variety of factors to determine its value, including the cut of the diamond. You can some of the more popular diamond cuts on our Diamond Value page.

Engagement Ring Settings

Because our diamond buyers also purchase precious metals, you will be compensated for the setting as well when you sell an engagement ring online. Most engagement rings are made of gold, silver, or platinum, and the price of the setting will be determined by the purity, weight, and market price of the precious metal. The diamond buyers employ experts who are able to determine the exact precious metal content in your engagement ring setting allowing you to earn more money compared to a pawn broker who is taking a guess.

Tips For Selling Your Engagement Ring

Sell It Online
This does not mean to use an auction site or a local ad, online diamond buyers are proven to pay more than the competition. Pawnshops cannot compete the the low costs that online diamond buyers have, allowing them to pay more money to customers for their diamonds and jewelry.

Know Your Ring
Having as much information on your ring as possible will allow you to estimate accurately estimate a value. Information on the stone, setting, and other gemstones that may be in the engagement ring can allow you to have an idea of what an online diamond buyer may pay for it.

Get Estimates
While pawnshops and jewelers are not recommended for selling your engagement ring, they can provide a good resource for an estimation. They may also be able to provide more insight on the value that your engagement ring holds. The more places you can get an estimate from, the better idea you will have of the value.

Watch Precious Metal Prices
Different economic factors can lead to the change in precious metal prices. By watching the prices of gold, silver, and platinum, you can know when it may be a good time to sell an engagement ring. Selling your engagement ring when the precious metal price is high, will definitely ear you more cash for your diamond jewelry.