Sell Engagement RingsWhatever your reason may be for selling your engagement ring, it is likely that you are looking to get as much money as possible in return. When selling diamonds, you have many options for how you want to sell them and some may be better than others if your goal is to earn the most money for your engagement ring. As we have seen many people come through our website and sell their engagement rings, we received great feedback on what people think is the best way to sell engagement rings.


#1 WP Diamonds #2 Diamond Buyers International
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Get Information On Your Engagement Ring

Before selling your engagement ring, you should try to find as much information as possible on it. If you have paperwork for the ring, this could give you some insight on what you have. You will want to get information for both the diamond and the band, along with any other diamonds that it may have. This will help you gauge how much your engagement ring is worth and what you can expect to sell it for. You could also take it to jewelers who could provide you with an offer to compare to others.

Sell Your Engagement Ring Online

The best way to sell an engagement ring is through an online diamond buyer. They will compensate you for the diamond as well as the precious metal content in the band. So how does selling an engagement ring online make you more money? Because online diamond buyers are specialized in this one area, they can lower costs and provide accurate valuations. The expert graders that they employ are highly trained to value diamonds and will know exactly what you have. This will allow the buyer to offer you a higher payout than the competition while they can still remain profitable. The lower costs come from not having to run a retail store and by specializing in this one industry. Another great benefit of selling diamonds online is the convenience of the process.

How To Sell Engagement Ring Online

1. Research the different diamond buyers that we recommend on our website. While the process is very similar between buyers, their unique features may persuade you to choose one over another. Once you have decided on which buyer to use, fill out the form on their website to receive a free shipping label that you can print out or have mailed to your home.

2. You will not want something to happen to your ring during shipping so be sure to carefully package it in a box. Use different packaging materials to ensure that it does not move around while it is being shipped. Be sure to include any additional information that the diamond buyer requests in the package and then send it off.

3. Your engagement ring will be received in a couple of days and the diamond graders will look at what you sent in. Shortly after, you will be notified with their offer. Now you can either choose to accept the offer and receive payment in a variety of ways, or decline the offer and have your ring shipped back at no cost to you. Depending on what the diamond buyer’s policies are, you may only have a certain amount of time to request a return. These are things you should have researched in step one.

Selling engagement rings online will earn you the most cash for diamonds. The online diamond buyers that we recommend are highly regarded in the industry and will provide you with excellent service and higher payouts. The more money that they offer should be enough to convince you to sell engagement rings online, but the convenience is also another big benefit.