Sell Loose DiamondsDiamonds can be worth a good deal of money but if you have ever tried selling one, you may have noticed how difficult it can be. Whether it is finding a buyer who believes the diamond is real, or not getting nearly what you asked for it, there are many problems that can arise when you go to sell loose diamonds. Luckily for you, there are now online diamond buyers who purchase loose diamonds for more than anyone else.



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Loose Diamond Value

Your loose diamonds may come from a broken piece of jewelry or somewhere else and there are many factors when it comes to determining value. Because valuating loose diamonds is extremely difficult, local pawnshops are not comfortable offering large amounts of money for loose diamonds out of fear of making a mistake on the value. Online diamond buyers employ trained diamond graders that have the tools necessary to make an accurate valuation, which leads to higher offers.

Selling Loose Diamonds Online

Now that you know how online diamond buyers are able to offer more cash for diamonds, you will also find that the process is quite convenient. Your loose diamonds will be insured throughout shipping and you can print a label and ship for free. Next, just wait to hear back within a couple of days with the offer and choose your type of payment. If for some reason you are unhappy with the offer or change your mind, you can have your loose diamonds shipped back for free.

If you have ever tried to sell loose diamonds then you understand some of the problems that you will run into. With online diamond buyers solving these issues, they are becoming more popular every day as people see the benefits that they can provide. Engagement rings, diamond earrings, loose diamonds and more can all be sold to these businesses who will pay more than anywhere else for your diamonds and jewelry.