Where Is The Best Place To Sell Diamonds?People who are looking to sell their gold and jewelry often go down to the local cash for gold dealer and accept the first offer. While this does allow them to earn money quickly for their jewelry, using an online diamond buyer is best when selling loose diamonds. There are a variety of benefits that the online buyers provide, and we are sure you would be satisfied with their service. Click on one of the buyers below if you are ready to sell:



#1 WP Diamonds #2 The Diamond Valet
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Loose Diamond Buyers

You are likely aware of fake diamonds and their ability to appear very realistic. This makes it difficult for private party sales and even pawn shops have trouble distinguishing a real diamond from a fake one. Even if they are able to tell the diamond is real, diamonds are extremely difficult to grade leading to an extremely low offer. Online diamond buyers hire GIA certified diamond appraisers to value the diamonds that they receive. This means that your loose diamonds will be graded properly which leads to the buyer being comfortable offering more money.

Sell Loose Diamonds Online

If you are interested in selling loose diamonds online and have never done it before, you have nothing to worry about. The first step is to find a buyer and print a free shipping label. Then package your loose diamonds so that they will not get ruined during shipping and send the package off to the buyer. Diamond buyers insure the packages so if something were to happen, you will be compensated. Once the diamonds have been graded, you will be contacted with their highest offer and can choose your form of payment, or have the diamonds returned at no cost.