Sell My DiamondSome people find themselves asking “Where can I sell my diamond?”, and the answer to this question is online diamond buyers, as they continue to gain more exposure for the quality of service that they provide. Pawnshops have long been the best option for selling a diamond, but as the Internet has allowed for new business opportunities, online diamond buyers are taking advantage of those looking to sell diamond jewelry. There are many reasons why the online buyers offer a great service, but most importantly they will offer more money for your diamonds and diamond jewelry than anywhere else.



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Selling A Diamond

If this is something that you are new to, there is no need to worry as the process is quite simple and convenient. The first step is acquiring a shipping label from the diamond buyer of your choice This will allow you to have your diamond jewelry shipped with insurance at no cost to you. Shortly after receiving your diamond, the certified diamond graders will inspect your items and determine a value. It is now up to you on whether or not to accept their offer, or have your diamonds returned back to you. Depending on the buyer, you will have different options on how you will be paid, and this can also speed up the entire process. Selling a diamond online is very easy, and it is likely you will never want to sell to a pawnshop again.

Diamond Buyer Reviews

As I mentioned above, their are different services that each diamond buyer offers to make them stand out from the competition. Things like offering different types of payment methods can entice customers to choose their business. You should check out our diamond buyer reviews to find a buyer that is best for you. Another thing to look for is the insurance value that the package covers. You want to make sure that the full value of your diamond will be covered by shipping if something should happen. Finding out what other customers had to say about a diamond buyer can also provide great insight. Be sure to look at BBB ratings and other factors when determining which diamond buyer to use.