WP Diamonds ReviewWhite Pine Diamonds has been operating for many years now, allowing people from all over the world to sell their diamonds online to a reputable diamonds buyer that will compensate its customers fairly. Like any service business, White Pine Diamonds would not be able to survive if they did not offer something to their customers that they cannot get elsewhere. As we have sold many diamonds and pieces of jewelry to WP Diamonds, we have yet to find their professionalism and high level of quality to be matched by anyone in the industry.

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White Pine Diamonds Review Diamond Buyers Internation Review

White Pine Diamonds Review

Our review on WP Diamonds can be found here. Much of what you will find in the review is that WP Diamonds’ service is similar to the other online diamond buyers, while offering great customer service. We mention the outstanding customer service because many people are hesitant to sell diamonds online for the first time. By picking up the phone and giving them a call, you will quickly realize that this is a legitimate business that will be sure to take of you in hopes of regaining your business the next time you sell jewelry. Whether you have yet to sell your diamonds, or are in the middle of the process, they are dedicated to helping you and answering any questions about the process. We could not find another online diamond buyer that can compete with the service that WP Diamonds provides.

International Diamond Selling

One feature of WP Diamonds that allows them to have an edge over the competition is that their offices are located all over the globe. This allows them to cater to people in Europe and other countries rather than just the US. Not only does this increase their business as a whole, but it also goes back to the point I made about establishing legitimacy and worldwide business could not survive very long without offering a high quality service.

Actual Insurance Value

You have seen some of the reasons why WP Diamonds is able to stand above the competition, but their insurance value is still another big reason on how they set themselves apart. When selling diamonds online, it is important that your items make it to the diamond buyer safely. Unfortunately, this is out of the hands of the diamond buyer as well as the seller, so it is a good idea to have insurance for your items. While most diamond buyers offer insurance, sometimes it may not be enough to cover the value of your items and if something were to happen, you would be out of luck. By offering the insurance amount as the value of your items ensures that you will be covered and allows for a peace of mind when selling diamonds online.

White Pine Diamonds is an excellent organization that treats its customers right. If you are looking to earn cash for diamonds, then this is definitely the place to check out. As we have been through our many transactions with WP Diamonds, we are sure you will be satisfied.