Sell Your Loose DiamondsDo you have loose diamonds that you are looking to sell? Selling loose diamonds online is the best way to earn the most cash for diamonds. Your local pawnshop may be willing to purchase your loose diamonds, but it will likely be at a fraction of what an online diamond buyer would pay. There are many reasons why online diamond buyers are able to pay more for loose diamonds than the competition, and there are also many other benefits to selling loose diamonds online.

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Don’t Sell Loose Diamonds To Pawnshops

As I mentioned above, a pawnshop will not compensate you fairly for your loose diamonds, so unless you absolutely need cash immediately, we would recommend selling your loose diamonds to an online diamond buyer. Pawnshops will not have the proper resources to grade diamonds accurately. It is not uncommon for your loose diamonds to be quickly inspected by an unqualified employee who is not using the proper tools that will provide an accurate valuation. When you add this problem to the fact that pawnshops still won’t pay as much cash for diamonds, you are looking at a very low number for the price of your loose diamonds. In order for the pawnshop to feel comfortable in that they will make a profit, you will be offered a price that many would decline.

Selling Loose Diamonds Online

While earning more money should be enough to persuade you to sell your loose diamonds online, there are still other great benefits. One of them is that you will not have to do any negotiating, as online diamond buyers can accurately assess a diamond’s value and offer their best price while still knowing that they will be profitable. On top of that, the process is also much simpler. Just print out a free shipping label and send your diamonds to the buyer. From here, you will be contacted and can receive your money through a variety of payment methods. This all leads to you earning more money in an easier way. So when you are selling loose diamonds, be sure to check out our online diamond buyers for the best experience possible.