Selling used engagement ringsEngagement rings consist of precious metals along with possibly multiple diamonds and gemstones. This can make these engagement rings very expensive and worth a good deal of money. Some buyers have no problem purchasing a used ring, with no signs of wear, for less money when compared to new rings. If you are wondering where these rings come from, selling used engagement rings is actually more common than you may think.



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Where To Sell Used Engagement Rings

If you have decided this is something you want to do, then you will have many options on where to sell engagement rings. We would recommend using one of the online diamond buyers listed above. Online diamond buyers can accurately grade diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry, to be able to provide larger payouts to its customers. If you need he money right away, than a local jeweler is probably your best option, but keep in mine you will be receiving a lot less money compared to the online buyers.

How To Sell Used Engagement Rings

The process is very simple whether you choose to sell online or in person. When selling engagement rings online, you will just need to print a shipping label and send your ring to the diamond buyer, and then you will be contacted with the offer. If selling locally, just bring what you have and they will help you from there. Having a good understanding of the value of your engagement ring could help you know whether or not if you are getting a good deal.

Your engagement ring can change in value depending on a variety of factors. These factors include the current price of precious metals, like gold, silver and platinum. Even certain styles and trends will affect the overall value. Any documentation that you have the on the ring, or even the diamond itself, can be very beneficial as you are deciding to sell or not. Selling used engagement rings can bring in a good amount of money, so be sure to look at our reviews to see which buyer pays the most.