What Are My Loose Diamonds Worth?If you are looking to sell loose diamonds, then you have come to the right place. We can help you find out what your loose diamonds may be worth, and then put you in touch with the best diamond buyers in the industry. Diamonds can be difficult to value without the proper resources, but it will still help you to get an estimate of what they may be worth.



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How Loose Diamonds Are Valued

There are several aspects on which a diamond will be graded that will determine its value. In order to properly assess a diamond, it takes extensive training along with a variety of tools. Because of this, local cash for gold stores are usually unable to offer a reasonable price for diamonds. Fortunately, online diamond buyers have been able to staff expert diamond graders to provide this service.

Estimating a Diamond’s Value

Like I said above, you still can estimate where a diamond grades on various skills to help you estimate its value. The best place to start is with The 4 C’s of Diamonds. This stands for Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat, with each having their own grading scale. The better your diamond grades on these basic characteristics of a diamond, will mean the more it is worth. Keep in mind that the diamond should rate well in all categories to hold a high value.

Selling loose diamonds to online diamond buyers is an easy and convenient process. On top of that, there is no one else who is going to be able to come near the price they will offer because of the reasons mentioned above. You can also find more about the value of your diamonds if you have any documentation. Documentation papers could provide information on various aspects of the diamond.