Where Can I Sell DiamondsIf you are thinking about selling diamond jewelry, then you have come to the right place. Our experience selling diamonds online has helped many get more cash for diamonds. We have reviewed the top diamond buyers in the industry and have sold diamonds to each of them many times. Read below to find out where you can sell diamonds online and how to earn more cash for diamonds.




#1 WP Diamonds #2 Diamond Buyers International
White Pine Diamonds Review Diamond Buyers Internation Review

Sell Diamonds To WP Diamonds

As you can see above, White Pine Diamonds is our top ranked diamonds buyer on our website. This comes from the outstanding service that they have always provided us, combined with their ability to offer higher payouts than the rest of the competition. WP Diamonds prides themselves on servicing their customers with a quick turn around time when selling diamonds online. Through a variety of features that WP Diamonds offers, the money can be in your bank account shortly after confirming that you would like to sell your jewelry. We have no complaints against WP Diamonds and would highly recommend them as a place where you should sell diamonds.

More Cash For Diamonds

If you have thought of selling diamonds, then it is likely that you have explored some of the more common options as well. Despite most people selling diamond jewelry to pawnshops and jewelers, the trend is changing as we begin to conduct our business over the Internet more and more. There is nothing wrong with selling to these places, you just wont get as much cash for diamonds. Ebay and craigslist, are sometimes considered as options for people but it wont be the best idea. It is hard to trust people selling expensive diamond jewelry on those sites without having the ability to test if the diamonds are real or not. This leaves you with selling diamonds online as your best option if you want to earn the most cash for diamonds.

Selling diamonds online is becoming more popular because of the benefits that it provides. There is a convenience that is unmatched and everyone likes to make more money when selling something. These benefits alone should be enough to persuade you into selling diamonds online. Click on one of the diamond buyers above to get started.