Where Can I Sell My Jewelry?If you are looking to sell your jewelry, you will likely want to earn as much money as possible for what you have. There are several options you have when it comes to selling diamond jewelry. While you will have a variety of types of buyers to choose from, some jewelry buyers offer higher payouts and an overall better service. Our site offers online diamond buyer reviews, and this is the way we would recommend selling your diamond jewelry. If this is a new process to you, then some of the common questions that people ask about diamond buyers can be found below.



#1 WP Diamonds #2 The Diamond Valet
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Why are online diamond buyers the best place to sell diamond jewelry?

Because of the way that online diamond buyers operate, they are able to offer more money for your jewelry. Earning as much cash for diamonds is what many people are looking for, but the process with online buyers is also very convenient. You never even have to leave your home, just print the shipping label and wait to be contacted with an offer.

How can online diamond buyers offer more money?

Valuing a diamond requires extensive training that many jewelers go through. On top of the knowledge required, you will also need expensive tools to get the job done. Pawnshops wont have the necessary requirements, and therefore offer you much less so that they have a better chance of making money. Throw in that online diamond buyers have lower costs, and can reach more people, and many of these saving get passed on to the customer.

How long does the process take?

Our diamond buyer reviews can provide insight on how each buyer operates and the speed of their transactions. Some buyers can complete a transaction in as little as a few days if you accept a wire transfer for the money into your bank account. Depending on the shipping services used, along with other factors like how busy they are, will all affect the amount of time it takes.