Where Can I Sell Loose DiamondsLoose diamonds are very valuable as jewelers are always looking for the perfect stones to complete a ring, necklace or some other piece of diamond jewelry. Often times referred to as a diamond melee, loose diamonds can be used in a variety of ways. If you are looking to sell loose diamonds then you have come to the right place. Our diamond buyers will purchase your loose diamonds and pay you more cash for diamonds than anywhere else.



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Sell Loose Diamonds Online

Selling loose diamonds online will be no different than selling a diamond ring. The process will remain the same and you will be compensated for the value of the diamonds that you send in. Your loose diamonds will be graded by expert diamond graders, who will use their expertise to determine the value of a diamond.

Do Loose Diamonds Have Less Value?

Diamonds are graded on a variety of factors including carat and cut. Generally those who are selling loose diamonds have very small diamonds, and the size of the diamond will affect the value. Despite the lack of size, there are other factors that could contribute to an increase in value of your loose diamonds. The diamonds that you send in will be graded individually. A smaller diamond cut have a better cut and less flaws which may result in more value than a larger diamond that was sent with your loose diamonds.

How Do I Sell Loose Diamonds Online?

The process is very convenient and does not take much work. The first step would be to acquire a shipping label from the diamond buyer by filling out a for on their website. Then carefully package your loose diamonds so that they are not damaged during shipping. Once the diamond buyer has received your package, they will grade your loose diamonds and notify you with their offer. This is how easy it is to sell loose diamonds online and we are sure that you will be satisfied working with nay of the diamond buyers on our website.