White Pine Diamonds ReviewWhite Pine Diamonds has been purchased diamonds and diamond jewelry from all over the world. Not only do they allow you to sell your diamonds to a reputable organization from anywhere in the world, they will also pay you more money for what you send in. The common competitors for WP Diamonds are the local pawnshops and jewelers that buy jewelry from people in the area. As more people are beginning to use the Internet for a variety of services, they are also noticing the convenience that WP Diamonds provides, along with making more money for their jewelry.

#1 White Pine Diamonds #2 Diamond Buyers International
White Pine Diamonds Review Diamond Buyers Internation Review

Here is how White Pine Diamonds scored in each category when we reviewed the top online diamond buyers in the industry.

Transaction Time – 5/5
We have yet to work with another diamond buyer that can get us the money into our account faster than WP Diamonds. This could be due to more offices, better business processes and more employees, or something else. Either way, we enjoy the speed that they conduct their business in because having the cash immediately is the one advantage that local diamond buyers have.

Reputation – 4/5
The only negative thing you could say about their reputation is that other online diamond buyers are easier to find online. Other than that, simply calling them to discuss the sale of your diamonds will show you just how professional this organization is and that they work hard to provide a high quality service. Their reputation in the industry is very strong and will likely continue to grow.

Payment Methods – 5/5
Diamond buyers that offer Paypal will score more points in this section because it shows the customers that they are using a verified payment method and it is also very quick. WP Diamonds guarantees that if you choose to have your money wire transferred into a bank account, it will be there within 24 hours. Should you want a check in the mail, it is even sent through express mail so it is still very quick.

Overall Transaction – 5/5
There is not another place better to sell diamonds to than WP Diamonds. You have read everything above, and seen how well they have scored in the different categories, so it would be safe to assume that the overall transaction goes very well when working with them. You will be notified at each point of the transaction and they are available to answer questions that you may have. WP Diamonds service cannot be matched and that is why they are ranked as the #1 diamond buyer on our site.

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