Who Buys DiamondsWhen trying to sell something, finding an interested buyer is usually the key to getting the price that you want. If you have attempted to sell diamonds in the past, you may have seen what the different options have to offer. So if you are wondering “Who buys diamonds?,” you can see some of the different options and what they have to offer. Loose diamonds, engagement rings and other diamond jewelry are some of the things that these buyers will purchase.





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Local Cash For Gold

Cash for gold locations are abundant in any major city, which leads many to think of these places as their first option. With diamonds being extremely difficult to grade, and requiring training and special tools, cash for gold dealers are likely not going to want to risk spending a lot of money on a diamond that they are not sure about. This will likely lead to an extremely low offer that you will not be satisfied with. Only use these buyers when you desperately need cash right away.

Selling Diamond Jewelry Online

The other option people try is using websites like ebay and craigslist to sell their diamonds. Individual buyers will likely not trust individual sellers with diamonds unless it can be inspected before the sale, which will cost money. With a small amount of people looking to buy diamonds on these sites, it can be a difficult sale.

Online Diamond Buyers

The best place to sell diamonds and diamond jewelry is through an online diamond buyer. They have the resources to confidentially offer you more cash for diamonds than any other options available. Not only will you receive more money for your jewelry, the process is also much simpler. Shipping you diamonds is free and insured, and once they have made their offer, there are many methods of payment you can choose from to get your money quickly.

You should no longer be wondering who buys diamonds and understand that the best option by far is using online diamond buyers. Check out the diamond buyer reviews on our site to find one that you would like to work with.