Who Buys Loose Diamonds?Finding a buyer for loose diamonds can be a difficult task. People are not interested in purchasing loose diamonds for fear that they are fake or because they have no use for them, and pawnshops will only pay you for a small fraction of their value. This leaves you with little options and can make selling loose diamonds problematic. You can try jewelers, but they likely will only purchase diamonds from certified dealers so that option is also out of question. The best place to sell loose diamonds will then have to be online diamond buyers. The truth is that online diamond buyers will likely be your best option when selling any diamonds or jewelry as they can offer higher payouts than the other options listed above.

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White Pine Diamonds Review Diamond Buyers Internation Review

White Pine Diamonds

White pine diamonds is one example of an online diamond buyer that will purchase loose diamonds. They have multiple expert diamond graders on their staff that has been trained to evaluate diamonds. So not only are you finding a buyer for your loose diamonds, it will also be someone who has great experience in this area. White Pine Diamonds has been known for providing people with excellent payouts when they send in their diamonds and jewelry. We are sure that you will receive the same high quality service that they are known for and we would highly recommend using their service when selling loose diamonds.

Selling Loose Diamonds

With loose diamonds, every stone that you have is going to be evaluated separately. This means that certain things could increase or decrease the value of your individual diamonds. While one of the diamonds could be worth a lot of money, some may not be able to be used in jewelry for a variety of reasons, which would make them much less valuable. Selling loose diamonds would be no different than selling diamond jewelry to an online diamond buyer. You will send in all of your diamonds, they will have a valuation placed on them, and then you can decide whether or not to accept the offer. This is what you can expect when selling loose diamonds and as you can see, the process is very simple and convenient.

If you have loose diamonds that you want to sell, then our online diamond buyers will likely be your best option. Along with our diamond buyer reviews, we also have other great information featured on our website that will help you sell your diamonds.