WP Diamonds ReviewWP Diamonds is our top ranked diamond buyer on our website and has been ranked very highly by other diamond buyer review website as well. WP Diamonds conducts their service in a professional manner leaving little doubts to those who are unsure of selling diamonds online. By having offices all around the world, they can cater to multiple countries and allow people from all over to be able to earn cash for diamonds.



#1 WP Diamonds #2 Diamond Buyers International
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WP Diamonds Process

The process of selling diamonds online is similar across all diamond buyers. WP Diamonds’ process begins by having the seller fill out an initial valuation form with as much detail on their diamonds as possible. The customer will then be contacted through email or telephone to be given an initial valuation along with having to answer any questions that may be needed by WP Diamonds. Then you will receive the shipping label at no charge, and can safely package your diamonds and ship them. An expert will grade the diamonds and place a final valuation on them, which will then be given to the customer and they will be able to receive their cash within 24 hours. The thorough process that WP Diamonds uses is very thorough but still gets the money in your hands faster than most diamond buyers.

WP Diamonds Features

What makes WP Diamonds stand out among the other diamond buyers are the different features that they offer. To start with, WP Diamonds offers its customers the actual value of their diamonds for the insurance on shipping. For anyone who is selling a large amount of diamonds, WP Diamonds would be your best option because you can be sure they will be covered during shipping. They also offer upgrade programs where you can get discounts for a new diamond when you sell your old diamonds. Allowing you to be paid through Paypal is another great feature of WP Diamonds and it will create faster transactions.

Selling diamonds online can be a good way to earn some extra money and WP Diamonds will allow you to earn more cash for diamonds than anywhere else. Take a look through their website to see all of what they offer and we are sure that you will be satisfied with their service.